Natural Nail Services

 As part of the spa and wellness industry, Utopia is not equipped to remove or perform any services on gel, shellac, acrylic, etc. 


The Natural Manicure

25 minutes

Nails and cuticles are gently manicured and polished to perfection.

Add on a Natural Manicure during your single process color and save!






Spa Pedicure

55 minutes

Melt away in relaxation in one of our spa chairs while your feet soften and soak. Your nails will be clipped and filed while a masque penetrates deep into your feet and lower legs to fully hydrate your skin. Enjoy a massage of your lower legs and feet.  To end this relaxing service, your nails are buffed and polished.


Express Pedicure

25 minutes

Is your schedule too busy to completely indulge? Come in for our express service and soak in one of our luxurious pedicure chairs. We will clip, file and buff your toenails then follow with your choice of polish.

Add on  Express Pedicure during your single color process and save!






Men's Hand Treatment

25 minutes

Nails and cuticles are manicured followed by a hydrating massage of the hands. Very relaxing and they will look great too!!


Men's Foot Treatment

55 minutes

Nails are trimmed and buffed. Calluses are treated in a stimulating foot soak and soothing foot and lower leg massage. 


Warm Paraffin Dip for Hands

A wonderful hand massage to relax those sore hands, followed by warm paraffin immersion.


Warm Paraffin Dip for Feet

A relaxing foot massage to warm them up before total warm paraffin immersion. 


French Polish - add on a french polish to your manicure or pedicure



Kid's Nail Services



Kid's Manicure (12 and under)

15 minutes


Kid's Pedicure (12 and under)

30 minutes



For Your Safety:

Please disclose to your service provider any medicinal or food allergies; skin or heat sensitivities; current medications or supplements you are or have recently taken; medical surgeries or treatments you are or have recently received; any current illnesses or ongoing conditions; or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 


Always be sure you notify your therapist of any information that may effect your personal outcome or reaction to any and all services and feel free to ask questions.




What should you expect during your visit? Click here for helpful information and Utopia's policies.