Waxing Services



Eyebrow, Lip, Chin or Toes


Full Face

$33 & Up

Half Arm

$29 & up

Full Arm

$38 & Up


$27 & Up


$40 & Up


$65 & Up


$85 & Up

Half Leg

$39 & Up

Full Leg

$65 & Up


$45  & Up


$60 & Up


$35 & Up

Waxing Instructions & FAQ

What length should the hair be?

The hair being waxed should be between ¼ and ½ inch. If the hair being waxed is coarser it should be ½ inch for the first few waxes. If the hair is longer, we suggest shaving the area and growing 3-4 weeks.

Hair grows in stages and is always at different lengths.  Please do NOT shave in between waxing services.


How often should you wax?

A consistent waxing service is done every 4 weeks. Getting waxed regularly is essential for the best results possible. When the hair follicles have a less of a grip on the hair, the skin will become less sensitive.


What should you do before your waxing service?

The area being waxed should be cleansed before the service. 24-48 hours before the service, the area being waxed should be exfoliated. This will remove any dead skin cells and soften the hair for better hair removal.  If you do not have an exfoliator, we suggest mixing sugar with a small amount of your body wash.